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20211206 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, how are you preparing your clients for 2022?

Last year, Core Web Vitals was a hot topic as SEOs anticipated the Page Experience update. Looking back, many aren’t convinced the work was worth it, despite Google telling us ahead of time that we shouldn’t expect the update to produce drastic changes.

Some agencies or consultants may have oversold the potential impact of the Page Experience update, either in an attempt to properly prepare their clients or to secure an upsell (or both). Those clients might have been disappointed when the work they paid for didn’t yield significant visibility increases, which might make them doubt their agency partners.

As we identify areas of improvement for our clients next year, it’s important to be as transparent as possible — and that includes what Google has to say about its own updates. Building that trust can help you keep that client for longer and, when there’s an issue you really need their buy-in on, they’ll be more likely to approve. 

George Nguyen

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