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20211209 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, we’re weeks away from 2022.

Looking back on the past year can help us plan for a successful new year and that’s exactly what we, the editors at Search Engine Land, are planning to do. You can expect recaps of the updates and announcements that defined SEO and PPC in 2021 to help you get a better idea of what the big platforms are focusing on, but even before that, we’ll be providing a free career development opportunity with SMX Build, led by our SEO for Developers Expert Detlef Johnson, on December 14.

One of the biggest trends that has stuck out to me over the last two years is brand values, especially in light of the near-ubiquitous messaging from brands espousing inclusion and equality. They put out these messages because audiences are looking for them, and that pressure is unlikely to fade.

One way businesses can live their values is by ensuring accessibility across their sites — not only can it open up a new audience for you to market to, it can also save you from a lawsuit. It’s not everyday that brand values and business priorities come together to both shield and serve businesses, but this is one such opportunity.

George Nguyen,

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