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202200211 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, and happy Fri-yay! 

One debate I thought we were nearly past was the age-old question, “Is investing in SEO worth it?” By this point, there is so much data out there about the value and benefits SEO can bring to any brand, business or organization. But I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I?  

We also all know SEO traffic isn’t just “free” traffic. It requires investing in people to create and implement strategies and tactics designed to reach goals for our company or clients. It requires investing in creating, marketing and analyzing the performance of content. And it requires investing in the technology — all the tools you need to ensure your website is optimized. 

Yet, pushback continues. That’s why I read an article today with great interest, written by Tom Critchlow, founder and blogger at SEO MBA. One of the key takeaways of “Is SEO Worth It?” (though there are many more): “We need to get better at properly accounting for our work and understanding that SEO is expensive.” In an unrelated Twitter thread, Keith Goode, principal SEO product manager for Cox Automotive, tweeted about why technical SEO, in particular, must be an ongoing priority, despite the costs: 

“…The longer issues with crawling, rendering and indexation are ignored, the more expensive they become to repair. Technical SEO really is, to quote the old Fram oil filter commercials, a ‘pay me now … or pay me (much more) later’ situation. … Go ahead and put that annoying cost to do SEO into your budget as a standing order, or table stakes, as I like to call them, and allot resources to keep your site up to speed with the changes in the search engines.” 


Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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