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202200215 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, SEO is not a quantity game or a quality game. It is both — quantity and quality

This debate of quality vs. quantity comes up when talking about content. It’s a false “either/or” choice — as if you can’t choose both. As Barry Schwartz reported on Search Engine Roundtable, Google’s John Mueller said (not for the first time) publishing X number of blog posts a day doesn’t necessarily mean you will get more traffic. Well, duh. If your entire SEO plan is to publish X number of pieces of content per day, you’re doing content wrong. That’s like saying a post must be 1,234 words because some lame correlation study said so. 

Your content should be interesting, useful and written for your target audience. So if you publish four quality blog posts a day — and that content is better than your competitors, optimized and promoted across all your marketing channels — that’s four chances to drive traffic and earn additional visibility in search engines.

What about less content of higher quality? Well, less content, no matter how awesome it is, means fewer chances to earn traffic. What does publishing one article instead of four mean? That you have three fewer ways for your target audience to find you and any growth will be painfully slow. If traffic matters to you, publishing less content is rarely (if ever) the solution.

Think of your website as a restaurant and your content as the dishes on the menu. Give people multiple reasons to visit your website. But whatever “meal” they order should be so satisfying that it gets people talking positively about you. The real secret of SEO success is consistently raising the bar for your content standards!

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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