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202200216 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, don’t we all want to be included?

I am talking about inclusion of your content and pages in Google, Bing and other search engines. Yes, first comes crawling your pages, then comes indexing and then ranking. If your pages are not being crawled or not being indexed, then your pages are not being included in the search index and thus cannot be served in the search results to be ranked. I often hear complaints about pages not being indexed and yes, Google does not want to index everything — you need to earn your place to be indexed. 

But let’s be real, being included is not enough. You want to rank at the top of the pack. While inclusion is a prerequisite for ranking, inclusion does not mean you will be ranked in the search results for relevant queries and definitely does not mean you will be ranked at the top of the page.

SEOs’ end game is to drive relevant and convertible traffic to websites. So while inclusion might be an important metric to watch over, inclusion is simply not enough for SEO success metrics.

Barry Schwartz,
Inclusion and ranking search reporting

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