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202200221 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, the name’s Max.

Performance Max, that is — Google’s relatively new flagship automated campaign type seems to be central to the company’s strategy and offerings for advertisers, especially as we make our way through 2022. Ginny Marvin, the company’s ads product liaison, even hopped onto PPC Chat last week for a Q&A. It’s clear from both the quantity and nature of the questions (general and specific) that there’s a lot of confusion about how it works and how it fits into Google’s ecosystem.

Here are some questions and answers from PPC Chat that you might useful:

  • How does Google generate videos for Performance Max? Google will automatically create these videos, based on your text and image assets, if you don’t upload a video. Currently, auto-generated videos will stop serving if you upload your own videos.
  • When is Google going to get rid of Standard Shopping campaigns? While Smart Shopping is getting folded into Performance Max, Standard Shopping campaigns aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future.
  • Is there a benefit in waiting for your Local and Smart Shopping campaigns to automatically get rolled into Performance Max? Not really; transitioning ahead of time will give you more time to test. The self-service transition tool is expected to be available in April for Smart Shopping and in June for Local campaigns.

Hopefully that helps shed some light, especially for those of you that have clients that still rely on Standard Shopping campaigns. Have a great week, marketers.

George Nguyen,

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