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202200222 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, 

Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to work with a team of marketers who all have great marketing ideas — for campaigns, projects, products or initiatives. But once you’ve got all those ideas, hard choices must be made. Because, if there’s one truth in all marketing, it’s this: there are more good ideas than time. 

This can often lead to multiple debate-filled meetings, but ultimately indecision. Everyone involved may have the best intentions, but sometimes overthinking becomes a pitfall for marketers. 

Have you ever thought or talked yourself out of a great idea (or has someone else done this for you)? Data is the best path to decision and taking action — whether in PPC, SEO or another channel. You know your audience. You know your channel. So rather than saying “we can only do one big thing,” try five things on a smaller scale, then go all in on your winner(s). 

Good marketing is doing what’s safe and proven. Great marketing is trying something that’s never been done before — without fear of failure. So don’t limit yourself to being good. Be open to failing. Just try to do it fast. Stop waiting, start creating, testing and measuring the results.  Stop overthinking. Start doing. Or: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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