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202200228 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, it’s time to get off this ride.

Between feature updates and general platform issues, paid search marketers may feel like they’re on Google’s merry-go-round.

For example, last week we gained access to Enhanced Conversions for Leads, which could be a big deal for anyone who’s been looking to implement offline conversion tracking. However, last week there were also many reports of latency issues and error messages in the Google Ads UI — Merkle’s Melissa Mackey did not pull her punches when she commented on these problems, and judging from the replies, many are similarly frustrated.

The issues weren’t limited to Google Ads either — AdSense earnings reports were also buggy and the issue affected a majority of users. We are finding that we’re reporting on bugs more frequently, which is troubling because these problems could result in, for example, delayed data, incorrect notifications and impact serving of ads

There is something we can do about it though: leave feedback. And I’m not talking about on Twitter (although Google does have a presence there, too); I mean through official channels. On every call I have with Google, PR reps furiously take notes to deliver to their product teams. And, we know it works (at least some of the time) because of instances like when the company backed down from doubling the spend threshold of the new Google Partners program. So, don’t just come along for the ride, make your opinions known and make it better for everyone.

George Nguyen

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