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202200302 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, we all know the line about “attention to detail…”  But I always bounce around wondering how much the tiny details matter in SEO? 

We hear Googlers consistently say that Google is smart, it handles poorly built, poorly structured and poorly coded websites and ranks them fine. Google has said time and time again that standards really don’t matter, because most of the web does not implement standards. So when I see an SEO nitpick about a tiny issue in one’s HTML and cite that as an issue for why the page is not ranking as highly as it should, I always wonder — does that minor detail matter?

The truth is, it might not be one detail that makes or breaks a site in search rankings. But it might be the dozens of minor details that add up and can lead to better rankings in search. The question is, where does one spend their limited resources when it comes to all these minor details? For me, being a content person who loves technical SEO, I will lean towards attention to detail with content over technical SEO. But let me preface this by saying, it depends on the current state of the site you are working on as an SEO practitioner.

Barry Schwartz,
SEO detailer

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