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202200309 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, wouldn’t you love to be able to paint the picture of what SERPs look like for your desired keywords?

Controlling the narrative (i.e., the search results) of what is shown in Google Search for a specific keyword phrase is a task many SEOs set out to work on day in and day out. But more often than not, what you see in the search results for a specific query is not what the searcher across the world might see, across the country might see or the searcher sitting a few seats in front of you might see. 

This is more apparent in times like these, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where Google has to comply with local law and censor search results that are not deemed legal by the country the search engine operates in. George Nguyen has an excellent example below in his story on how Google’s search results are tailored for this invasion of Ukraine and how those in Russia are seeing a completely different picture of the war, or as they call it, “special military operation.” 

So, unfortunately, the look you want in the search results is not often what users see. 

Barry Schwartz,
Chief SERP spotter

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