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202200310 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, let’s talk titles.

Job titles, that is. “I’ve been seeing SEO job titles start to shift to ‘Organic Growth’ & I love this trend,” Abby Reimer of Uproer tweeted yesterday, adding “Seems like this change would help SEOs get plugged into the whole content & promotion strategy vs being viewed as a standalone funnel.”

How we frame our roles can influence how we view other teams, the responsibilities we are willing to take on and even whether we consider our coworkers colleagues or competition. 

That’s why my colleague Barry Schwartz hates job titles: “For me, it is more about promoting teamwork versus individuals,” he said, noting that he lets his employees assign their own titles. Prefixes like “associate,” “junior,” “senior” and so on “do nothing to tell the clients what it is the person actually does,” Toby Kommer of Haga Kommer, Ltd. wrote. “They exist merely to create a class system within an organization.”

I’m not pushing you to abandon titles — I’m advocating for a critical evaluation of them and assessing how we can reframe our roles to achieve the best outcomes for our organizations. After all, individuals and teams are unlikely to reach their potential — or even reach out for help — if they view themselves as an island. 

George Nguyen,

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