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202200316 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, did you ever wonder why our industry is so into sharing? 

Think about it. Since the early days, we have shared advice, tips and solutions with our internal teams and with friendly competitors at conferences and events. We also publicly share what we know, the tactics we learn through our own trial and error, through our own marketing scares, with people we have never met before.

Do we do it because we care to make the industry better? Are we that altruistic? Maybe. But maybe it is more that we understand the importance of content marketing. We used to call it link building, creating content that people want to share with others and link to. So maybe we are both altruistic and at the same time doing it to gain links and ultimately higher rankings in search. I spoke about this topic on a recent vlog with an old industry colleague.

Either way, we are an industry that shares more than others. And I think it is a beautiful thing.

Barry Schwartz,
Content marketer sharer

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