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202200322 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, and I’ll spare you the obvious “are you ready to E-A-T?” joke here.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) has been a hot topic. Scorching hot, in fact. Olaf Kopp’s article, 14 ways Google may evaluate E-A-T, has been a runaway hit with Search Engine Land readers since it published. It’s been great to see such a positive reaction – heck, it’s been impossible not to see it in my social media feeds.

“Improve your E-A-T” seems to be the new “create great content.” Everyone wants to do it, but it was hard to exactly explain how. The good news: Kopp’s article offers us plenty of signals to investigate and assess. The bad news? There are no shortcuts to creating a trusted brand, website or content. 

E-A-T isn’t just an “SEO thing.” It’s a marketing thing. It’s a PR thing. It’s everything. So keep creating valuable content for your audience. Every day. Use is as your mantra, or put it on a super geeky T-shirt: “Wake up. E-A-T. Repeat.” 

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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