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202200325 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, are you a leader or a manager?

“If you cannot or will not take care of [people], then you have no business being a leader.” That’s a standout nugget of advice from Elmer Boutin’s excellent article, Marketing leadership: 4 lessons learned from military service

So many people believe “leadership” and “management” are synonyms. But they are not. You lead people. You manage work. There are plenty of micromanagers masquerading as leaders – I’m sure you’ve worked for one at some point. It’s not fun.

As Boutin points out, it’s the job of today’s leaders to provide vision and direction, make sure your direct reports understand the “why” of their role, how they fit into the big picture and provide regular and consistent feedback on performance. But there’s much more, so make sure you read his article for more lessons on leadership.

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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