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202200329 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, for as much as Google gives us, they do take away a lot as well. 

Google launched new trusted store badges for some Google Merchants that show excellent customer service. Google also is now providing a heck of a lot more detail on structured data error reporting, which should give us more tools to fix errors going forward. 

But Google also announced it is killing off the URL parameter tool in Search Console. This comes after Google hinted they will be adding a bunch of cool and useful features to it. Let’s not forget the big news of the month with Universal Analytics going away.

Google is known to try a lot of new things and, if they do not work, they will let those things fail.  Google has even killed off solutions that were super popular for one reason or another. Do you have a backup plan ready if Google kills off a feature, tool, product or this service you depend on? Because as much as Google giveth, they also taketh a heck of a lot. 

Barry Schwartz,
Worst case scenario reporter

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