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202200405 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, does your reputation precede you?

In SEO, much of our focus is on content and technical optimizations and how other marketing channels (PPC, social, email, etc.) can amplify our SEO efforts. One area that doesn’t get enough discussion? Your reputation – how people think and feel about your brand. No amount of SEO* can make up for a bad reputation. (*Typically.)

Where does that reputation come from? People are judgy. Everything your brand does matters because just about everything your brand does impacts SEO. What you tweet on Twitter. How you treat your customers or clients. The quality of your product, service or content. All of this (and more) can be the difference between a great or poor reputation. 

Word of mouth is not a score you can see in a tool. But it is an invisible metric that can impact your ability to be found, generate revenue and grow. Your SEO, brand and reputation are separate, yet connected, influencing and interacting with each other. Getting all of these to work in harmony is the key to having strong SEO and a strong brand.

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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