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202200406 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, the third product reviews update went live two weeks ago. While Google has not confirmed that the update is done, we feel the bulk has rolled out. 

Was the March 2022 product reviews update as impactful as the December 2021 product reviews update? Not according to the data providers. However, like any data, there are caveats. You can read more detail about the update here.

I’m from the “old days” of SEO, where we would track Google ranking changes in crazy detail.  The old PageRank scores would change from one month to the next, the rankings would follow.  When that stopped, we obsessed about ranking fluctuations. But today we need to focus on the bigger picture and not panic about every Google update. At the same time, if you were hit by one of these updates, you want to know what happened, who was impacted, how big was it and what steps you should take going forward. 

Hopefully you only saw positive changes from this product reviews update.

Barry Schwartz,
Professional search shopper

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