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20220105 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, how’s your data game?

With COVID cases rising, some of you may be able to relate to having tests return both positive and negative results with the same swab but at different labs. It got me thinking about the data and tools we use when making marketing decisions. 

The other day, one of my children was not feeling well, so we had her take a COVID test. The doctor took a swab, the rapid came back negative and the PCR a couple days later came back positive — the same swab, the same child, but two different outcomes. 

It reminds me of when you put data in front of two different marketers and they both come out with two different outcomes. A lot about reading data is how the professional interprets that data. If you interpret the data incorrectly, it can lead to a decision that results in less traffic and decreased revenue (or more infections). If you interpret the data correctly, it can lead to more traffic and more revenue (or fewer infections).  

This amplifies the importance of search marketers having not just good quality data but also the right tools to analyze the data properly. Without quality data and the right tools, making the “right decisions” can lead to a poor outcome.  

Wishing you all a healthy, safe and quality 2022!

Barry Schwartz,
Data safety analyst

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