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20220114 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, let’s get practical.

I saw some buzz this week about three prominent Google reps who were lamenting the amount of information they are allowed to share about core updates (Where’s that tiny violin when you need it?). In fact, they questioned the wisdom of announcing core updates at all.

FWIW, the main benefit we see in announcements is they give us a start and stop time so we can check for disruption within our properties. But the most meaningful “what happened” analysis has always come from the talented marketers who share data and insights with the community so we can learn what others won’t tell us.

It just all reminded me that some of the most actionable information out there is not coming from Google reps, even though they tend to get a lot of attention. It’s coming from all of you. 

With that in mind, here are synopses of 5 great SMX presentations by this incredible community of experts.

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

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