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20220118 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, don’t you just hate reading a piece of content that has a lot of fluff?

If a piece of content does not immediately give me the point in the first paragraph, I don’t want to read it. One thing I learned working at Search Engine Land was to get to the point right away and if the reader wants to keep reading for more details, they will read more – but get to the point.

The other day, I saw a comment from John Mueller who works at Google who said that fluff content makes “it hard for search engines to figure out what you’re trying to say,” and then implies that Google won’t rank that type of content well in search. I ranted about this on my weekly video recap, basically saying that Google loves to rank fluff content. We all see recipe content that ranks in Google that is written in a way that talks about anything but the actual recipe.  

I do wish that one day Google would really try to value the reader’s time and decide to rank content that values the reader’s time as well, that got to the point immediately and gave the searcher what they want – right away.

Barry Schwartz,
Values your time writer

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