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20220412 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, let’s eliminate some of your roadblocks.

Corey Morris talks about nine of the biggest roadblocks to SEO success. If you aren’t careful, these things can easily creep into your campaigns and prevent or delay success.

One of those nine roadblocks? A lack of resources. It’s frustrating. You’ve probably run into this situation at some point (haven’t we all!). A lack of people, budget, tools or data (or any combination of these four) can limit your success. Read Morris’ full article for eight additional SEO roadblocks to watch out for and avoid. 

In other news, a quick SMX Advanced update: We’re excited to welcome Marie Haynes as a speaker! She will present on the topic of E-A-T. Register now for our free, virtual SMX Advanced (taking place June 14-15). We’ll soon announce more speakers and the full schedule. Keep watching this space.

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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