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20220413 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, can you imagine if we worked in a community that did not share its knowledge as much as search marketers do? I cannot.

Yes, many of us compete for the same RFPs and projects but at the same time, we are all willing to help each other with complex strategies and problems. Many of us publish large case studies, tactical advice, our successes and our failures so that we can learn and grow from our peers. The pattern continues and others who may have read a case study might end up sharing their own and how their tactics influenced their results.

For the past two-plus decades, this community has shared countless tips and advice with others — often expecting nothing in return.  And it makes me proud to be part of that sharing, in my little way, and to also remind you that for the first time ever, SMX Advanced is free this year – so go register and get some amazing and free tactical SEO and PPC advice from your peers.

Barry Schwartz,
Part of the community

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