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20220420 SEL Brief

Good morning, Marketers, are you currently taking time off for Easter or Passover – the big spring break? Good for you. But it is not time off for Google.

SEOs joke that Google should not push out algorithmic changes on or around holidays. Some joke that Google only releases updates when they go on a vacation. I have pleaded with Google to hold big announcements when I am offline for a religious holiday. To be fair, Google has pushed off one or two announcements for my holiday or vacation schedule, but it is rare and Google is a big company.

Just because we are off enjoying life, family, observing religious dates or just taking some much needed time off, we cannot expect Google to hold back pushing out updates. Google just recently announced it released 5,000 search changes last year with 800,000 experiments. So Google is busy. But you should be okay with missing out here and there on those releases, we’ve got your back for when you come back.

Enjoy your time off – we will be in your inbox when you return. And don’t forget, you can catch up on a lot of what is new in our free two-day SMX Advanced virtual event!

Barry Schwartz,
Vacation reporter

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