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A single source of truth is the foundation of any digital ecosystem


“Always Be Collecting Data.” It’s the ABCD of marketing, but in the zero-party data age where an opt-in and an email address are merely a start — complemented by a host of granular self-reported preferences and psychographic data from all manner of sources — how do marketers unify, harmonize, and action it?

We’ve transitioned into a privacy-first economy, where cookie tracking and third-party aggregated data sets are thankfully becoming the thing of a bygone era. And yet, you still hear marketers complaining about having too much data. Research carried out by the CDP Institute revealed nearly a third of marketers have “too much” data to analyze (31%), while an eye-watering 63% are not able to assemble a unified view of customer data.

The data from all these touchpoints resides in disparate systems like analytics, email, mobile, campaign management, point-of-sale, and social — which are not integrated, nor were designed to be.

Marketers have no way of seeing the customer in a unified, single view, which is necessary to fully understand each customer and provide them with a personalized experience. The opportunity to wow the customer is lost forever.

A single, accessible view of the customer empowers marketers to understand and better engage with their customers by knowing who they are and what they are looking for. It acts as the single source of truth about your customers and gives you the ability to analyze past behavior in order to better target and personalize future customer interactions. It’s quite simply an aggregated, consistent, and holistic representation of each customer across any digital channel.

A lot easier for me to write down on a page than go out and action, but that is why at Cheetah Digital, we have put together a virtual content series – Signals21. To fanfare real-life case studies from marketers at leading brands who have worked feverishly to nullify data silos, push for organizational change and eradicate the “but this is the way we’ve always done things” approach.

Starting October 6, we will deliver five weeks of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought-leaders, world-renowned brands, industry heads, and engaging panels – and these sessions will empower you with the knowledge and tools to start building more meaningful relationships with your customers and get to grips with customer data.

Register today and save your seat at these sessions:

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Learn how ALL marketing team members can generate advanced diagnostic analytics or predictive and prescriptive capabilities without having much analytical or statistical experience

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Join product marketing team member Nick Einstein, along with David Raab, founder of the CDP Institute, as we discuss what a CDP really is, how to train your team on its function, privacy best practices and the question… buy or build?

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Join Andy Gladwin as he shows us exactly how to acquire, understand, serve and retain customers with the ever-important mobile channel.

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Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to create personalized experiences that collect zero-party data at scale, powering cross-channel messaging, and loyalty strategies. All underpinned by an engagement data platform that can scale to meet the changing demands of today’s consumer. Many of the world’s best brands, including American Express, Hilton, Coca-Cola, and Vodafone trust Cheetah Digital to help them drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the customer lifecycle.

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