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Bing Webmaster Tools adds Microsoft Clarity integration

Microsoft announced that you can now access Microsoft Clarity, Microsoft’s new free web analytics tool, within Bing Webmaster Tools. There is a new section in Bing Webmaster Tools named “Microsoft Clarity Beta” and there you can quickly go through the steps to set up Microsoft Clarity for your web site.

What is new. Bing Webmaster Tools added a section to quickly add or access Microsoft Clarity within the portal. If you have not added Clarity to your site, you can do so directly within Bing Webmaster Tools over here.

What it looks like. Here is what it looks like if you are setting up your site for the first time here:

The teaser on why to set up Clarity for your site.
Accept those terms
Here is the code you would add to your site (not exactly this one, you need your own unique code)
Then you can click over to Clarity to see it in action.

More to come. Microsoft said there is more to come by way of integration between Bing Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Clarity. Bing wrote “you can expect to see further developments in our Webmaster Tools integration in the coming months.”

Why we care. More data, more analytics, more integration between these data platforms is a win for marketers. The more information we have about our sites, the more informed decisions we can make about changes to our sites.

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