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Google Ads app supports manager accounts

Oddly enough, the Google Ads app didn’t support manager accounts until now. As of yesterday, when you sign into the app, you’ll see any manager accounts at the top level.

The Microsoft Ads mobile app added support for manager accounts a couple of updates ago.

No surprise, the increasingly present optimization score is visible on the main manager account dashboard in the Google Ads app. Google just added optimization score to all account Overview pages in the web UI and app yesterday as well.

The new account navigation flow in the Google Ads app from a manager account.

Why we care. Manager account support makes it easier to get top-level performance data across your accounts on your mobile device. You can also get push notifications for your accounts, which can be handy.

However, it can be very tempting to hit those “Apply all” buttons in the recommendations cards on the Overview pages — particularly when you’re on-the-go. This can lead to unintended consequences that aren’t in the best interest of your business. Instead, continue to take an analytical approach to the recommendations. Changing your bidding strategy, for example, is not something you want to do on a whim.

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