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Google Ads launches v11 of API


Developers take note. Google Ads just announced v11 of their API.

What’s new. This version includes updates to the following client codes:

  • Campaign performance max upgrade status
  • Added support for Smart campaigns using business profiles optimized for ads as landing pages
  • Accepting the resource names of the Google Business Profile location
  • Support for Manual CPA, maximize conversions bid strategies, and ad schedules for local services campaigns
  • Added asset source to show the source of asset or asset link for whom generated the entity
  • Added new fields to support retrieving co-viewing metrics in Reach Forecast

View the complete list of updates. View the full list of updates and read the announcement here.

Launch date. The updated client libraries and code will be published next week.

Why we care. Developers who use API’s to manage and report on Google Ad campaigns will have an easier time making changes, migrating campaign types, and preserving budgets, assets, and settings. Further updates also allow more functionality options regarding the use of Business Profiles as landing pages, and ad schedules for local services.

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