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Google’s new holiday gift guide is built to send users to Google Shopping results

Google has launched the “Google Shopping Gift Guide,” a microsite that highlights products it predicts will increase in popularity in the US this month, according to Google search trends over the last several months.  

The Google Shopping Gift Guide on mobile. Image: Google.

The site contains the year’s top 100 trending gifts, divided into seven product categories. Some of the trending products are generic terms (e.g., “LED Lights”), while others are specific products (e.g., “Fitbit Versa 3”). Clicking on a generic term takes the user to the Google Shopping results page for that term, as where clicking on a specific product brings the user to that item’s Google Shopping product detail page.

Features for shoppers. Google Shopping product pages show users the typical price range for that product across the web. Signed-in users can also turn on price tracking to receive a mobile notification and email when prices decrease.

The price range indicator and price tracking feature on a Google Shopping product page.

The product detail page also shows nearby store listings, with hours, inventory alerts (such as “limited stock”), and in-store or curbside pickup options. These features can help attract more users to Google as an online, or online-to-offline, shopping destination.

Why we care. Google has been making broad efforts to attract shoppers and promote itself as a shopping platform. As we head into the gift-giving season, this may lead to more users viewing Google’s Shopping listings, which were opened up to unpaid, organic listings in April.

For products to be eligible to appear in Google Shopping, retailers must have a Google Merchant Center account and set up their product feeds. They must also be opted into Surfaces across Google. Indicating the availability of curbside or in-store pickup may also help you attract shoppers in your locale.

To learn more about how you can get free Google Shopping listings for your products, read our article FAQ: All about Google Shopping and Surfaces across Google.

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