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Microsoft Advertising promotion extensions available in time for the holidays


Promotion extensions are now available for Microsoft Advertising accounts in the U.S. These are similar to Google Ads promotion extensions, including the ability to select from a list of events or occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The promotion details and dates will also show in Microsoft Advertising text ads, as shown in the example below.

You can set up promotion extensions at the account, campaign or ad group level.

Keep in mind, that the landing page for your ads must include the promotion details, so be sure that’s in place before your promotion begins.

Merchant promotions in Shopping ads. Promotion extensions aren’t to be confused with merchant promotions. Merchant promotions display on Shopping ads (and now free Shopping listings on Google). Google and Microsoft both support merchant promotions in their respective Merchant Centers.

The merchant promotions display in Shopping varies. Sometimes they show as “Special offer” or the price with promotion shows (“$74.99 with code”) at the bottom of the ad, for example. You can set them up in your product feeds or your Merchant Center accounts.

Why we care. Promotional offers can help set your ads apart from your competitors. The availability of promotion extensions in Microsoft Advertising means you can now sync up your promotions across your Microsoft and Google campaigns for consistency. Microsoft Advertising also launched a retail hub with holiday insights and resources for retailers.

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