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“The popularity of all retail products bought online through Google Shopping changes weekly. Retailers have to measure this demand and manage their inventory, advertising efforts and commercial KPIs,” says Andrew McGarry of The McGarry Agency which specializes in digital marketing for lifestyle and fashion brands. 

“Comparing product insights across the online retail industry with your own data is not a cheap or easy thing to do. 

DTC brands are in danger of being oblivious to wider category trends. Multi-brand retailers who want insights beyond their own data have to pay for expensive enterprise solutions. 

Google Trends for Google Shopping is not yet a thing in 2020. We set out to bootstrap a solution any company can build and use in their own industry. 

For smaller brands who typically manage product analysis solely within Shopify, new insights require new habits.”

Here are the key PPC benefits Mcgarry outlines in his detailed article on creating product insights using Data Studio:. 

  1. Save Time: Automate the manual creation of product insights.
  2. Save Money: Identify underperforming products faster and adjust your advertising.
  3. Make Better Decisions: Include industry popularity of products when assessing stock and advertising decisions.

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