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Good morning, are you familiar with ERGs?

Maybe you’re part of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) in your company. These groups can play a vital role in supporting and propelling companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. The key, say experts, is to set goals, expectations and even success metrics to ensure progress. And as with anything DE&I-related, you’ve got to have C-suite support. If you’re interested in ERGs, read more here.

Have your attitudes about traveling for in-person events changed? You may recall we’ve been polling our audience about thoughts around attending events. We’ve got the 3rd round of this survey out now and would love your participation. Just 5 quick questions — Take the survey here. And thank you!

Work from home is going to be a long-term trend with significant implications for in-house and agency marketers and hiring managers. Studies show that WFH/remote employees are statistically more productive. However, we’re all keenly aware that WFH under COVID presents unique challenges. Nearly 73% of those in advertising say they are burned out, according to a recent Fishbowl survey — and 44% respondents in advertising said they’re looking for other jobs. Related, workers are also looking to jump to cheaper locations, with more than half of respondents saying they’re either looking to move or already have relocated. 

We can expect to see more agencies and teams become 100% virtual, which means broader applicant pools, lower overhead and a big need for continuing to rethink and refine processes for more successful and satisfied employees. 

Keep reading for a look at what’s up with WhatsApp Business and more. 

Ginny Marvin,

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