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Good morning, act like a developer, think like an SEO,

That’s the focus of our special three-day SEO for Developers series. The livestreamed sessions will include discussions, coding demos and audience Q&A with the experts on July 22-24. Learn more and check out the speakers and sessions here

A quick and friendly reminder to take our short Event Participation Index survey  to help us chart sentiment around attending in-person events through mid-next year. Thanks in advance.

Now the news: Swirl, the 3D display ad format Google’s been testing since last year is now available globally for Display & Video 360 users. Higher engagement is the goal with interactive ads. With Swirl ads, users can rotate 3D product models, zoom in, touch hotspots, use a color picker and more in Swirl ads. Analytics on the ads include engagement time and type (rotation and expansion) metrics.

Last week, Google announced an update to its Ads policy that will prohibit products and services “marketed with the express purpose of spying” on others without consent. That includes things like nanny cams, GPS trackers and phone monitoring tech. The first things I saw when I read the policy update and started looking at current ads are loopholes. (Boy is that SERP for “nanny cams” monetized now.) How is Google going to be able to keep up with advertisers that tweak their marketing copy around these things? It’s not a nanny cam, it’s a pet cam! We’ll see how this goes. The policy goes into effect August 11. 

Read on for a Pro Tip on evaluating content with deep learning. 

Ginny Marvin,

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