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Good morning, are you a Discover user?

The Google Discover feed attracts engagement from more than 800 million monthly users on their mobile devices, according to Google. It can be an unreliable traffic source, but can send large volumes of traffic when your content shows up in the feed. This week, Google released an updated help doc for publishers looking to gain visibility on Discover. Notably, the help doc now says it looks to surface content from sites that have a lot of pages that demonstrate E-A-T.

It appears the FBI is looking into that big Twitter hack. In the meantime, Google has dropped the carousel of tweets that appear in search results. That’s a loss of referrer traffic for Twitter and a loss of visibility for brand tweets in the SERPS. For how long is unclear.

California’s consumer privacy law, CCPA, is now being enforced and may have implications on your marketing efforts. If you’re unclear about the details, you’re not alone. Greg Sterling spoke with Lisa Rapp, VP Data Ethics, LiveRamp; Abby Matchett, Enterprise Analytics Lead, Bounteous; and Katelyn Ringrose, attorney, Future of Privacy Forum, on Live with Search Engine Land about what marketers need to know about CCPA, the state of digital privacy and more. Take a listen here.

Marketing with purpose is critical for brands to stay relevant and serve the needs of customers, said Microsoft Advertising’s Steve Sirich when I spoke with him during SMX Next. The pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have made marketing strategies that are “aligned to purpose rather than products” even more of an imperative for brands, says Sirich, who laid out three keys to marketing with purpose.

Take note! We’ve made some changes to the Search Marketer of the Year award this year and have added a brand new award to honor organizations that have done exemplary work in bettering the search and marketing fields for minorities and the LGBTQ+ community. Be sure to read the latest on the Search Engine Land Awards, including our new deadline dates.

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