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SEL 20200721

Good morning, Marketers, do you have a searing memory of an update?

Maybe one hit you particularly hard or had such an effect on the wider industry that it looms large. After his SMX Next keynote in which he covered the past 20 years of Google algorithm updates, Barry asked several veteran SEOs about their most memorable updates. Panda and Florida stood out for their momentous impact on SEO. But don’t forget about Penguin’s hit to link builders, says Barry. Looking back can help us look forward and prepare for the next big update … and continue learning about the implications of Rankbrain and NLP on SEO.

Looks like we’ll be chatting about these things virtually for some time. Just 3 out of 10 marketers are expecting to attend in-person events before the end of the first half of 2021. That’s according to the responses from our third survey of marketers on their feelings about attending in-person events that we fielded in June. Most — 81% — have attended a virtual event in the past three months, and 75% of them say they’re satisfied with those experiences. We’ve been learning from our own experiences with putting on virtual events, including SMX Next last month. And we’ll continue to refine them. In fact, this week we’ve got a mini-series…

Tomorrow, our SEO for Developers series on Live with Search Engine Land kicks off with Power Your SEO Friendly Markup With HTML5, CSS3, And JavaScript. In this three-day series, you’ll learn about developer communications and SEO-friendly coding. Join Search Engine Land’s Detlef Johnson and other experts online for three 90-minute masterclasses at 1:00 p.m. ET Wednesday through Friday. Register here for free.

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