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Why First-party and Zero-Party Data Should Be a Marketing Priority


As conversations about data privacy heat up, brands are taking a hard look at the data they’re collecting to ensure their digital experiences remain relevant. Are you using your customer data to its fullest potential? 

Check out Simon Data’s 2022 State of Customer Data Report to learn the trends impacting your data strategies, recommendations and real-world examples on how to use customer data to go beyond personalization to deliver the next generation of customer experiences, and drive revenue for your business.

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Simon Data is the marketer-first orchestration Customer Data Platform (CDP) allowing e-commerce, travel, marketplace, and retail brands to easily use data to build unique customer journeys across channels at accelerated speeds. The platform leverages real-time. historical data and machine learning to power turnkey communications. Leading brands ASOS, JetBlue, Equinox, and Vivino, rely on Simon to build one-to-one personalization across multiple channels without the need for an all-in-one cloud solution.

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