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Why WebOps wins for web teams


Websites, like any asset, can become more valuable over time. A website can appreciate, or it can depreciate. To get a high-value website to appreciate even more is with a high-functioning professional web team. With this type of team, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

The success of any given website depends on how well all the members of a web team (designers, developers, content editors, strategists and more) can effectively combine their work to pursue a common goal.

These team members must walk the same path that a new idea might take them to get to a website through ideation, design, development, deployment, measurement and iteration. While the components and details may change, what remains constant is the importance of teammates working together. 

But new technology alone can’t fix a broken team, process or a damaged relationship.

Join Steve Persch, director of technical marketing, Pantheon, in his informative MarTech session as he covers the choices and strategies a web team can pursue to set themselves up for long-term success, including the role of content management systems, automation and governance.

Once you attend the session, you’ll be able to increase the pace of website iteration, find flaky elements of website architecture that can be standardized or automated and plan for long-term website evolution.

Watch the session and get the WebOps-mindset you need to embrace the team sport nature of making websites. Learn to clean up and standardize the parts that are dragging you down and shift energy towards the areas where you can make the most significant impact.

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